12 week bodyweight program

From beginners to advanced based on 25+ years of experience

What you will get with the program


created by

4 x World fitness champion | Coach | Mother | 42 years of age - Andreia Brazier

The workouts

Suitable for beginners and advanced – guidelines for all levels and ages.

Train at home or gym – ideal for both. You will receive full guidance for variety of exercises, based on where you want to workout.

Learn how to workout the right way. My training will help you lose fat, get toned and shape your entire body.

Аll you need to improve your technique, maximize your results, and keep it safe.

Weekly scheduled workout frequency reps and sets for beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

You will learn how to prevent injuries and avoid back pains. Stretching will also help you to become more flexible, movable and to recover faster.

Compatible with all devices and smartphones

The Nutrition

Specifically selected food combinations that encourage weight loss process, remove body toxins and improve health. Balanced menu with superfoods, specifically selected to regenerate body cells, reverse aging, cleanse skin and to improve recovery.

Vegetarian fat loss meal options.

All you need to know about how to prepare your food, different food variations and sauces you can mix with, and what to order when you are out or during holidays.

Supplement plan to boost your energy, focus, results, and recovery.

REal people, Real results

Alison mccarragher
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After doing the 12 week body weight programme I was totally blown away with my transformation! I lost weight steadily throughout the whole programme and my body was trimmed down and toned all over! The food was delicious and recipes so easy to follow and most importantly delicious! Andreia was incredible support throughout the whole programme and supported and guided me throughout, any questions needed answered or issues that arose she was there in a second to answer me. Her support was incredible. You will start seeing Incredible results after just one week guaranteed!! I totally recommend this programme and was totally blown away with it!!
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Having been recently giving birth I went through a roller coaster of emotional distress and postpartum depression. The 12 weeks program lifted my soul and was a life changing path fir me. With Andreia’s support and motivation, this made me believe in my inner self and now I have realized that “ I am strong and I can do it”. Thank you Andreia.
Mehwish Afzal
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Hi! Andreia how are you? I wanted to tell u that I'm so happy today I check my weight I cannot imagine This happened in just 1 and half week... I don't know how to thank u... May u stay always blessed 🥰🥰🥰 I was 82.5 kg before I started ur program and after 1 and a half week m 77.1 kg ♥️♥️ my heart is melting in ur love 🥰🥰 thank you sooo much I just wanna cry 😭 with happiness 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍
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She is very knowledgeable and passionate. Even after I bought thr program Andreia followed my progress Closely and she has the patience To answer all my questions.!! I bought the 12 week body weight program, my body Transformation is noticeable. I saw the results after a week, which is amazing!!!!!! The food is absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare. Definitely I will recommend this program to everyone and I will continue training with Andreia ❤ Worth the money!!!
Monica Larrea
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I started this program In 2018. Shortly after beginning, I was expecting my second child. I had continued the workouts (after getting permission from my doctor). This program was absolutely amazing during and after pregnancy. I took my time after having my son to start again. I restarted the program doing 2 to 3 times a week when I was 3 weeks postpartum. Then on the 5th week began the full program. I have Graves Disease so my body was a little off after giving birth. I highly recommend this program!
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I’ve been following Andreia for over 5 years, i even went to Vegas to watch her win her 4th WBFF crown! I trust her advice more than anyone else because of her expertise and genuine love for fitness and overall health and well-being. She is the real deal. And when you get her programs, you will notice a BIG difference from other instagram fitness trainers. Her workouts are very unique, starting from warm ups to the exercises to the stretches. You will know that these were created by her based on what has worked so well for her. And I absolutely feel stronger after just a few days of following her program. Thank you so much for all that you do for us Andreia!
Amanda Baker
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Great program, easy to follow. Have recommended to friends
Gabriela Araya Murillo
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Excellent program
Cynthia Gonzalez
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This is an excellent and complete program. I’m a beginner and I understand everything. It’s very easy to follow. I love ti!
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I’m loving the body weight program as it is very detailed AND super simple to follow. I like that every day is mapped out for me so I know exactly what to do each day and don’t have to stress about it. The meal plan is also easy to prepare and has pictures to go with it. Andreia is very helpful and it’s nice to have someone in your corner that is so passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle.
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I've had trainers a long time ago and the trainings worked a bit as my problem was the meals, I didn't know what to eat, I would workout, but it wouldn't show much of a result. I'm really excited to try the meals and see how they help me to get to where I want to be. I really like that the program shows how to do the exercises and what equipment I can substitute for another. I already have some of the workout equipment to do the exercises at home while for a couple of them I should go to the gym. I'm looking forward to try this program.
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I have never felt better than I have since the program. better in my body better in my head 🙏🏽🙏🏽👍🏼🥰
Karima Heidary
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Thank you andreia for being there every step of the way. You are very passionate about helping people like me get the results we want
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I just started the program. Love the meal plan. Simple & flexible. Variety of food choices. The excercises may look easy, but don't be decieved. I was perspiring profusely by the 2nd rep. Definitely feeling the burn😅 The excercises are well thought out. Videos are included to guide, which is so helpful.
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I have never been fan following somebody’s advice coz I thought I can do it all by myself and with nobody’s but After failing so many times ,slipping off the track , getting stressed out and going through some tough time in my life I put the guard down and knowing what Andreias is capable off, seeing her motivation and determination, achievements I decided to have a go and see if it would help me - so I purchased the book. I realised I was So Wrong in so many things I was doing and thought I’m doing right... I wasn’t right . I was setting too high standards ,punishing too hard myself for not getting quick results . This book made me understand and encourage to set a Lifestyle goals and have a healthy lifestyle overall . Thank you for recalibrating my brain ...

Whether you want to lose fat, gain muscles or just learn how to eat right, my 12 Week Bodyweight program is the right path. After 25 years of experience, I have created a workout and nutrition plan formula, specifically combined to shred the fats, increase body cells regeneration and reverse aging.

Andreia Brazier


The 12 Week Bodyweight Program is suitable for people of all ages and all levels. The program teaches how to perform a variety exercises the right way at home or gym, how to build healthy habits, what food combinations to consume for weight loss, muscle gain or just to tone up. It also includes stretching techniques for better recovery, to avoid injuries and to eliminate back pains.

No worries! My program is totally suitable for beginners and includes step-by-step video guidance on how to perform each exercise

The results may vary according to the metabolism speed, training level and how strict you are with the program. Even if you aren’t 100% consistent, you can achieve visible results after the 4th week.

The recipes are easy-to-follow and you can switch between meals depending on what products you prefer to eat

All the food choices are budget-friendly

You can contact me personally and I will make an adjustments according to your condition or food allergies

After proceeding to payment you will be send to a page where you can download your 12 Week Bodyweight Program

It’s up to you to raise the bar!